Fix For Error Code P0420 / PO420

Fix P0420 Catalytic Converter Efficiency below threshold bank 1P0420-fix

We have developed a device that fits in the exhaust that will solve your P0420 Code. This is a easy DIY fit that requires basic tools and knowledge and can be achevied in under 15 minutes.

If you search the web there are hundreds of comments and posts relating to the error P0420. The common fix for this is usually at great cost to the Owner, Now you can solve this problem for under £30 and  just 15 mins of your time!

Manufactures, sometimes at a greater cost to you will Re-map the Engine ECU to stop the vehicle from being so sensitive, This fix also stops the vehicle from being so sensitive.

You could Instead spend in excess of £700 + and fit a genuine catalytic converter with both front and rear oxygen sensors, this should also fix the problem.

Most people until NOW would rather ignore the light being on as there are no symptoms and the vehicle will still pass a UK MOT and emission test. However, if the engine management light is already on you will not be aware if there is a more serious problem in the future as the light is already on.

Why is the engine management light on? 

OBD11 Regulations state that the emission system on your vehicle should check the efficiency of the catalytic converter in service

If the vehicle detects a fault during two consecutive OBD11 Drive cycles the engine management system will bring on the engine management light with P0420 Stored

The correct way to determine if the catalytic converter has failed is with a Gas Analyser, This test is performed in the UK during a MOT Test and in most instances a vehicle with a PO420 Code will pass a MOT Emissions Test

The Reason for this is the vehicle can only measure oxygen, making the test inaccurate, also each manufacture have there own way at deciding the Pass and Fail point

This is why some manufactures are more common than others at setting the P0420 Code.